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How to Value Your House - Let D'Amico and McConnell Help!

Our realtors start marketing aggressively the first day your home is listed. Contact us today for a no obligation comparative market analysis of your home. We will use a variety of resources to ensure a complete comparative market analysis is done to ensure your home is priced right.

Working with Realtors to Get Your Price
Prior to the showing, your sales representative can inform agents showing your property that you have priced the house at what you wanted, not at a high starting or asking price. At this point, a showing is scheduled, the buyer is seeing your house, and your home is being carefully and seriously considered.

Pitfalls of Overpricing
When you overprice your home you run the risk of turning off the very people you need most to sell your home.

Overpricing makes it difficult to get:
Salespeople excited.
Qualified buyers to view property.
Interested buyers to make an offer.
Lenders to provide sufficient financing.

Pricing Myth and Reality
MYTH: The longer you are willing to wait, the more you will be able to sell the home for.

REALITY: Experienced real estate professionals will tell you that the longer a home is on the market, the more likely it is to sell below its real market value.

Usually, the best price a home will receive comes within the first 45 days. It is important to have proper pricing during this period.

Afterwards, enthusiasm and excitement wane, and a property is shopworn. Agents become reticent to show the property because of a concern that "there must be something wrong with it."

Home > Sellers > Valuations

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